Gordon Ball

Clouds of Glory (1981) 16mm, color, 12.30 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Children & Youth, Family, Personal / Diary / Journal

Last three months of Kathleen's pregnancy; first week of Daisy's life. 'the soul that rises with us, our life's star/ hath had elsewhere its setting/ and cometh from afar/ not in entire forgetfulness/ and not in utter nakedness/ but trailing clouds of glory do we come/ from God who is our home.' Wordsworth, Ode: Imitations of Immortality from 'recollections of early childhood' Viewers of some of my last four films have offered suggestions for programming-projecting FATHER MOVIE and ENTHUSIASM as companion films, for instance. Lately, I've been seeing the most recent three as a trilogy offering metaphor of existence -- CLOUDS OF GLORY (birth), MEXICAN JAIL FOOTAGE (prison life-bodily existence), and ENTHUSIASM (death). And, as it happens, current work in progress (Oct. '82) TH'FIRMAMENT, is set in the heavens-not in celebration of wished-for afterlife but of divine emptiness.

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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