Michelle Handelman

Hope (1991) 3/4" NTSC, VHS NTSC, color, 5:15 min

Genre: Experimental

Co-maker: Monte Cazazza As skin dissolves and layers of the body are revealed, we become familiar with the flesh. . . its internal working more beautiful than its cosmetic cover. Hope is ambient cinema, evoking the transformative spirit of life after death. Images of blood and bone dissolve into each other with a soundtrack of Tibetan bowls, heartbeats, and irregular rhythms. Awards: 1996 American Film Institute-Sonyvisions of U. S. Award; 1995 Special Merit, Rutgers University S-8 Festival.

Rental: $25.00
3quarterInch NTSC Rental: $40.00
VHS NTSC Rental: $40.00

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