Johannes Holzhausen

Those Loved by God (1992) 16mm, color, 35 min

Genre: Experimental

"THOSE LOVED BY GOD is an arrangement of recollections of the would-be entertainer Albert Fortelka and the short stories of his companion Kathi. An unlikely pair, a partnership in which needs the other to save him or herself. While Fortelka, the former hobo and 'born comedian who was thrust into destiny' carefully orchestrates the details and recollections of his life, we also get the childlike remembrances of Kathi. Kathi, who never grew up, tells us of the daily and ordinary nightmares of life: her mother who sent her of to 'the crazy house', the step father, the brutal lover who beat her unconscious and then tattooed his name on her arm. Looking back from a happy life to a darker and unhappy past. And nothing to smile about." Robert Weixlbaumer

Rental: $70.00
16mm Rental: $70.00

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