Takahiko Iimura

A I U E O N N Six Features (1994) DVD NTSC, b/w, 15 min

Genre: Experimental

Produced by Takahiko Iimura. Utilizes "System G," Real Time Three-Dimensional Texture Mapping developed by Sony. Combining the comical and the absurd, I created six funny faces to animate the images of Japanese vowels in the difference of "Image," "Letter" and "Voice." "Iimura deconstructs our coherence as he shifts between the English Roman alphabet and Japanese characters, injects spoken Japanese and manipulates the computer images of his features. The images often take on geometrical shapes, others recall the classical images from Japanese woodcuts of a Samurai warrior grimace." -- Robert West, Curator, Mint Museum of Art Awards and Exhibition: One Minute World Festival, São Paulo; many other festivals. Video sale prices: 70.00 individual / 140.00 institutional

Rental: $70.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $70.00

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