Takahiko Iimura

Seeing / Hearing / Speaking (2002) DVD NTSC, color, 33 min

Consisting of four pieces: (see titles for descriptions) 1) "Seeing / Hearing / Speaking" (2002) 7 min. 2) "Talking to Myself" (1978, revised in 2001) 7 min. 3)"Talking in New York"(1981, revised in 2001) 8 min. 4) "Talking to Myself at PS1" (1985) 11 min. and the text of A Letter to Takahiko Iimura by David B. Allison. A multimedia with video, text, graphics and animation. Co-produced with The Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, New York, and Euphonic Inc., Tokyo and produced with a grant from New York State Council on the Arts. "Seeing / Hearing / Speaking'" DVD, which I have enjoyed very much indeed. It is, I think, a true masterpiece. .. because through your DVD one becomes able to grasp not only the theoretical or intellectual aspect of your relationship with Derrida's thought, but the ' vertigo' (as Allison says) of the 'deconstruction' (to use Derrida's jargon) of your own identity, i. e. a feeling, not an abstraction: a pre- or proto-theoretical full way of understanding and of living, i. e. an intuition of the 'difference' or 'differance' in Derrida's sense." -- Daniel Charles, author of "John Cage" This is a Region 2 DVD

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