Nisi Jacobs

They All Interlock/Dishing/Sugartown (2001) VHS NTSC, color, 42 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Environment & Nature, Family, Landscape & Architecture

They All Interlock (2001) color, sound, 19 min. A large Jewish family gathers for their holiday meal. THEY ALL INTERLOCK drops in to this gathering and drops out, as one's attention often does within a complex social situation. It wanders both hopefully and longingly, through the camera lens, to many places around the world, far off from this dining room, this family, to images both distant and past, and of a future, embodied by a newborn child's feet splayed out like pale tulips, his feathery eyes looking toward a vague new world which the eldest present, 90-year-old Aunt Martha, will never know. It is the cycle, uninterrupted, unchallenged, simply acknowledged in THEY ALL INTERLOCK. Dishing (2001) color, sound, 8 min. Largely a sound composition, with July 4th fireworks swaying slowed way down so every cast of flicker light can ooze to black and slowly dry on the night sky canvas; flint-stick electronics accompany, random digital sweeps, with moments of a magician's deck of cards that ascends endlessly. Humming tugboats dock at the South Street Seaport but we never can seem to get on to familiar ground. From Dishing, signals of July 4th are received from a tumultuous future space. Sugartown (2001) color, sound, 10 min. Sugartown: New York City as seen through a glazed window. Two women do an awfully good job of allowing the bridges of their noses to dissolve into their straws, jutting from Tropicana O. J. containers.

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VHS NTSC Rental: $50.00

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