Nisi Jacobs

word sand witch (2005) DVD NTSC, color, 13 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Environment & Nature

EPACTA LUNAE, A DAY AND A HALF: Epacta is Latin for the number of days which must be calculated to synchronize the lunar and solar calendars. The solar year of 365 days and the lunar year of 354 generally require 11 days to line up. I have taken sounds of the moon’s instrument, ropes and metal walkways, played by the tides tugging on docked vessels in ports, simultaneously being played upon by the moon’s gravitational pull on our water bodies. The audio of EPACTA LUNAE, A DAY AND A HALF derives from numerous layered natural field recordings within a bed of synthesized chords. EPACTA LUNAE, A DAY A HALF is the first video-sound poem which comprise a much larger project in process entitled THE MOON’S GUITAR, COLLABORATION WITH THE TIDES. --N. J. LITTLE BITS OF SKIN (WORDS): Struck by the ease of someone as articulate and expressive as my father losing their language facilities overnight with the advent of a stroke, I began filming the text of the city. The recorded audio is a montage of Peter Rose’s fabricated dialects when I recorded him reading a poem of mine mixed with synthetically altered wailing. Moments of mangled writing from various days after the stroke weave into the formal blocks of words in the environment playing between language as symbol, language as image, and language as pure experience. --N. J.

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