Jim Jennings

School of Athens (1997) 16mm, black and white, 15 min

Genre: Experimental

"...we enter the absolute monumental. Raphael's wildly passionate painting has shaken Jennings to the core. Fiercely sexual, tumultuous, his filming of the painting rages on without thought of onlookers; cadenced timing and concerns with proportions out of the question. The film is monstrous, reckless and I couldn’t admire it more." -Ken Jacobs, quoted in the catalogue of the 43rd San Francisco International Film Festival "Jim Jennings' The School of Athens (1997)...shows how a silent, near-abstract film can create considerable tension: in this black-and-white filming of a Raphael painting, Jennings intercuts different perspectives, often from oblique angles, to create visual dramas out of small changes in camera position." -Fred Camper, The Chicago Reader, "People Issue 2016" "Based on a photograph of Raphael's painting, 'The School of Athens' offers a view of passions-earthly and unearthly, physical, emotional and intellectual. The process of 're-photography' enables Jim Jennings to reconfigure an early 16th-Century masterwork, and to transform its images into fresh, personal expressions of intense feeling." -Karen Treanor, Millennium Film Workshop calendar, Fall Series 1998

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