Ericka Beckman

Switch Center (2002) 16mm, color, 10 min

Genre: Animation, Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Ethnic / Multicultural, Landscape & Architecture

SWITCH CENTER is a tribute to the futuristic architecture of the Soviet post war period, and a reaction to seeing it transitioned to shopping malls or global corporate office structures. I was invited by Balazs Bela Studio in Budapest to produce a short experimental film in Hungary. I was the first American artist to be invited by this famous film collective after the fall of Soviet power. The collaboration took place in August 2000, culminating in SWITCH CENTER, a ten minute experimental documentary shot in many defunct Danube Water Works locations on the outskirts of Budapest. The architecture of a 1960's water purification plant, left intact for 25 years, inspired me to recreate the factory in sight and sound, and to juxtapose that with the present. While I was meditating on the animation of 3-story water tank, a Pokemon commercial was being filmed down the corridor.

Rental: $85.00
16mm Rental: $85.00

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