Karen Kramer

Jolo Serpent Handlers, The (1978) 16mm, color, 40 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Environment & Nature, Spiritual / Mystical

An in-depth portrait of a small snake-handling church in Appalachia, that not only shows two fascinating serpent-handling services, but answers many of the questions about this religion and the people who practice it. Church members speak of why they handle snakes; what gap it fills in their lives; what it's like to grow up in the religion; and the pain of losing a family member from the poisonous snakebite. Varied scenes of: the rattlesnake hunt through the mountains; the washing of the serpents; the annual outdoor homecoming service; a rare documentation of an all-night prayer vigil held for the victim of a rattlesnake bite; and many interviews taken with people inside the relaxed atmosphere of their homes. --K. K.

Rental: $65.00
16mm Rental: $65.00

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