Kerry Laitala

Escapades of Madame X (2000) 16mm, black and white, 11 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Political / Social Activism

THE ESCAPADES OF MADAME X is a film that addresses early Hollywood cinema and their complicity in helping to establish the woman's passive role. The femala protagonist transposes her passive tole with one that is sexually, intellectually and physically empowered; one who takes control and creates meaning through gestures and actions. Madame X becomes elevated to mythical proportions, moving seamlessly through different realms that are represented metaphorically. We have created an underwater world that functions on many levels. Different psychological connotations have been evoked through the fabricated environment, as Madame X is portrayed in the film filming a water vortex (shot at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.) and whipping a sea horse. The water vortex is iconic as a metaphor for the interior space of the unconscious as well as the undercurrent of ideology that becomes exposed in film. --K. L.

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