Saul Levine

Notes of an Early Fall (1976) super8mm, color, 33.25 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: biography, Dance, music

[NOTES] was mostly made in Binghamton in 1976 - a warped record constructed out of visits to the zoo, relatives and various locations. Appearances by obsessive birds, caged bears and hungry rams. "Certain shots are very evocative, such as a long shot of a group of people sitting on a park bench, one person playing a song on a recorder. The sound of the music, its fragility, is matched by the distance of the shot, lending a feeling of precariousness to the moment. There is a repeated shot of a warped record playing, with the same musical phrase endlessly repeated. The shot is an interior one, with the lighting casting a golden glow on the scene. The warped repetitions begin to reverberate with suggestions of frustrations." -- Daryl Chin, The Soho Weekly News "His first talkie, NOTES OF AN EARLY FALL is a characteristically raw work that parlays even the sound of microphone rumble into a formal element. Featuring a lengthy sequence devoted to the dance of an outrageously warped record, and a cameo appearance by a malfunctioning TV set, the forty-minute film suggests an entropic, melancholy Ballet Mecanique." -- J. Hoberman, Homemade Movies

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