Michael Lovell

Bebe's Elbow (1972) 16mm, color, 16 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Personal / Diary / Journal

Filmed in Feb. 1972 in Johnson City, N. Y. at Jon's apartment. I came to visit for the weekend with the intent of making this film. Jon and I lugged equipment early Saturday morning and we ended up shooting late in the evening due to technical difficulties and other problems. Jon purchased the film stock and gave much needed technical assistance. Bebe liked the idea of the film and now her elbow is preserved for posterity on celluloid. For more than a year I had only the original print to project because of the lack of funds to invest for duplicate prints; thanks to Ken, I got the 'bread' to finally have a print made. --M. L.

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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