Peter Moore

Stockhausen's Originale: Doubletakes (1993) 16mm, black and white, 32 min

Genre: Experimental

Peter Moore filmed Stockhausen's Originale at Charlotte Moorman's 2nd Annual New York Avant Garde Festival in 1964. Originale had an all star cast. Among them artist and happenings innovator, Allan Kaprow; Video and performance artist Nam June Paik; musicians James Tenney, Max Neuhaus, Charlotte Moorman, Alvin Lucier and David Behrman; Filmmaker Robert Breer; poets Jackson Mac Low and Allen Ginsberg; and Fluxus artist Dick Higgins. Moore did not begin to edit this until 1993, shortly before his death. Art Historian Barbara Moore, his wife and active archive collaborator for over 30 years, and film editor Susan Editor complete this 16mm a year later. It received its world premiere at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, in 1996 and its New York Premiere in the New Documentaries series at the Museum of Modern Art in 1997.

Rental: $90.00
16mm Rental: $90.00

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