J.J. Murphy

Science Fiction (1979) 16mm, color, 5 min

Genre: Experimental

A recycled film that playfully explores the space-time continuum as it applies to narrative structure. "J. J. Murphy's SCIENCE FICTION, a dazzling five-minute experimental fantasy that at first appears to be a 1950s travelog gone awry, features technical trickery that will impress and bewilder filmgoers and filmmakers." -- Max J. Alvarez, Milwaukee Journal "The second night's surprise was J. J. Murphy's wonderful SCIENCE FICTION. Made from a high school-level film on the effects of relativity, it was Murphy's insight to manipulate the footage and to add a moment here, delete a moment there." -- Raymond Foery, Downtown Review Awards: First Prize, Great Lakes Film Festival, 1980; NY Filmmakers' Exposition (tour), 1981; Ann Arbor Film Festival (tour), 1981.

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16mm Rental: $30.00

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