Dore O

Blond Barbarism Blonde Barbarei (1972) 16mm, color, 24 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Philosophical

"Dore O.'s latest film, BLONDE BARBAREI, was shot in black and white and later sepia-colored throughout. It uses much music reminiscent of a Gregorian choral, a figure (a woman) moves in front of windows, looking down on houses, on roofs, into a courtyard with trees. The atmosphere is that of rain, of sadness, a closed-in life which she does not leave, always the windows, the variation of moving back and forth before them ... halting, a strange rhythm which sometimes seems to accompany, sometimes seems to run against that of the music but which still leaves one with the impression that it had been specifically 'composed' for that particular sound track. "Yes, the windows are factory windows, each consisting of many various glass panes which accounts probably for an association of church windows. But as in a church, it is the closed-in atmosphere, the sadness, the tendency to move slowly, that counts. "So that the film is a metaphor, for the life certainly of a woman (but then of men too?), lives imprisoned in the worlds around them, bourgeois marriage, bourgeois professions, everything that looms above & around us, 'inescapably.'" -- Andreas Weiland

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