Sheila Paige

Women's Happy Time Commune (1972) 16mm, HD File 90.00, color, 47 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: political & social activitism

Made with an all-women cast and crew, "Women's Happy Time Commune" is an improvised comedy/western -- a lively immersion into the feminist ferment of the early 1970's. From the 1972 distribution flyer: "An anarchic, unconventional movie in which the Old West is the stomping ground for a motley crew of young and middle-aged women who are considering banding together to form a commune. Having met by chance they merge (are dragged, cajoled), clash and ultimately separate in disarray of scenes that are alternately picturesque, infuriating, incomplete, yet always colorful." Ms. Magazine, August 1973: "...funny, ambling, offhandedly lyrical, this original film allows a group of wonderfully idiosyncratic women to improvise characters close to their real and fantasy lives. Above all excellent for sharing warm feelings in a group and for stimulating discussions of reform vs. radical feminism." Credits: Starring Roberts Hodes, Frances Cima, Judy March, Marylyn Landers Director: Sheila Paige Camera: Ariel Dougherty Sound: Dolores Bargowski

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16mm Rental: $90.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $210 HD File

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