Sarah Pucill

Films 1990-2000 (2000) DVD NTSC, VHS NTSC, color, 70 min

Genre: Experimental

- You Be Mother (1990, 7 min., Shot on 16mm) &nbsp '.. reveals a face projected onto a cup, saucer, and teapot on a table top. The revelation is oblique and at various levels of visual ambiguity, recalling both the images of Bosch and the procedural theory of paranoiac critical perception broadcast by Dali.' Malcolm Cook, Variant Magazine - Milk and Glass (1993, 10 min., Shot on 16mm) &nbsp '... examining sexuality through the projection of a mouth onto a bowl of milk, the film shows a very lucid and painterly filmmaking approach.' Helen Sloan - Backcomb (1995, 6 min., Shot on 16mm) &nbsp 'The Surrealists were fascinated by the idea that beneath the surface of everyday life there exist disruptive and uncontrollable forces. In Backcomb, Pucill inflects these themes with a feminist sensibility. In her film, the feminine, is neither personified nor idealised but remains symbolic - we never see the face of the woman with the black hair, nor do we hear her speak, but we come to see her as an almost elemental force. She suggests there is no escaping restrictive social definitions without some kind of violence, symbolic or otherwise.' Chris Darke, London Production Fund - Mirrored Measure (1996, 10 min., Shot on 16mm) &nbsp 'A sense of balance and connectedness shifts between imbalance and failure to connect, from focus to blur, sound to silence. A mother/daughter relationship is suggested, the sucking of the early mother/child diad. Through structural manipulation, the film explores themes of introjection and projection of the fragile boundaries of selfhood.' Sarah Pucill - Cast (1997, 17 min., Shot on 16mm) &nbsp 'Moments of desire and suffocation, represented by a girl and her doll which then transforms into a live woman/mother are viscerally provoked. As with all of Pucill's work the timing and composition are flawless.' Cherry Smyth, Art Monthly - Swollen Stigma (1997, 20 min., Shot on 16mm) &nbsp '... enacts a devouring female gaze. Finally, the phantom comes to life by eating. This reverses the lockjaw that has gagged the lesbian body of language. The phantom's voice is enfleshed.' Sandra Lahire, Coil Magazine

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