Ron Rice

Flower Thief, The (1960) 16mm, DVD NTSC, black and white, 58 min

Genre: Experimental

Starring Taylor Mead "In the old Hollywood days movie studios would keep a man on the set who, when all other sources of ideas failed (writers, directors, was called upon to 'cook up' something for filming. He was called The Wild Man. THE FLOWER THIEF has been put together in memory of all dead wild men who died unnoticed in the field of stunt." -- R.R. "Rice, by deliberately flouting established movie making traditions, reveals himself primarily as a professional rebel rather than the leader of a new movement. But in the highly specialized area of experimental films, he has produced a major work."-- Eugene Archer, The New York Times.

Rental: $130.00
16mm Rental: $130.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $300.00

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