Barbara Rubin

Christmas On Earth (1963) 16mm, black and white, 30 miins min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, erotic, queer

"A study in genital differentiation and psychic tumult." --Candy O' Brien "What you will be renting now is just what was filmed, uncut, unedited. Projection instructions: The film remains on two reels (A and B), requiring two projectors, to be projected simultaneously at sound speed. The film on the first projector fills the screen, while the image on the second projector is approximately one half smaller and fills the middle of the screen, superimposing on the first image. This can be done either by using different lenses, or by placing one projector closer to the screen. They begin simultaneously, though due to slight differences in speed of each projector, they end slightly different. I've added black leader to compensate for that. When both images are off, turn projectors off. I suggest if possible to use to of the same kind of projectors, and check them before projection. I also suggest that since this is the first time of veiwing this, to put Reel A on the largest screen, and Reel B on the inner, smaller screen, making sure each film is being projected heads out. To complete the cycle, a radio must be hooked up to a PA system, with a nice cross-section of psychic tumult like an AM rock station, turned on and played loud. Also (optional) color gels may be used in front of projector and moved and alternated by hand during the film. PLEASE return this film as it was send to you, whole. Thank you, Barbara Rubin. P.s., PLEASE PROJECT MY FILM IN THE IMAGE IN WHICH IT WAS CREATED-- i.e. EXACTLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROJECTION INSTRUCTIONS!" --B.R.

Rental: $125.00
16mm Rental: $125.00

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