Lynne Sachs

House of Science: Museum of False Facts, The (1991) 16mm, color, 30 min

Genre: Experimental

"Throughout THE HOUSE OF SCIENCE: A MUSEUM OF FALSE FACTS, an image of a woman, her brain revealed, is a leitmotif. It suggests that the mind/body split so characteristic of Western thought is particularly troubling for women, who may feel themselves moving between the territories of the film's title -- house, science, and museum, or private, public, and idealized space -- without wholly inhabiting any of them. This film explores society's representation and conceptualization of women through home movies, personal reminiscences, staged scenes, found footage, and voice. Sach's personal memories recall the sense of her body being divided, whether into sexual and functional territories, or 'the body of the body' and 'the body of the mind.'" -- Kathy Geritz, Pacific Film Archive "Her task suggests a new, feminized film form in which the coming-of-age rituals are recast into a potent web for affirmation and growth." -- Crosby McCloy, SF Cinematheque "The film takes off on a visual and aural collage, ... combining the theoretical issues of feminism with the discrete and personal remembrances of childhood." -- Heather Mackey, The San Francisco Bay Guardian Awards and Exhibition: Experimental Prize, Athens Film Festival; Juror's Award, Black Maria Film Festival; Chicago Filmmakers; OsnabrÄck Media Arts Festival; LA Filmforum; Oberhausen Film Festival; Pacific Film Archive; First Prize, Utah Film and Video Festival.

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