Kenny Schneider

Chicken Soup (1973) 16mm, black and white, 14 min

Genre: Experimental

A personal documentary that chronicles the making of a pot of chicken soup from live chicken to dinner itself. The elderly couple making the soup speak in both English and Yiddish; there is no general narration. --Peter De Domenico, 6/1994

Dealing with the complete home preparation of "a delicious Jewish chicken soup" from killing the chicken to slurping the soup, Schneider's film treats its subject in a manner that might best be described as affectionate revulsion. For those of us who, after a childhood of Sunday suffering, contemplate chicken soup with rather less equanimity than Socrates brought to the hemlock, Schneider says it all-or almost all. There should be a sequel on matzoh balls. --Roger Greenspun, NY Times, 2/1971 as part of Nine Film Portraits in the Whitney Museum of American Art's New American Filmmakers Series

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