Rosalind Schneider

Parallax (1973) 16mm, color & b/w, 21 min

Genre: Experimental

Three-screen film. Three projectors with lamps of equal wattage are required, having lenses of 2" for normal projection: approx. 50 feet projector-to-screen. Place projectors side-by-side; screen images should be same-sized, separate but touching. Center reel is mixed color/B&W and carries the soundtrack. The two side reels are B&W, silent, and are to be run at 24 fps with sound turned off. Begin with center projector, sound turned on, and run alone until the title "Parallax" is finished: then switch on two side projectors simultaneously.

'Film as a triptych. Original score: Michael Dreyfuss." - R.S.

"...enhanced by the technical device of using 3 screens at once with the same image on each, but projected a-synchronously. The use of color, black-and-white, and the re-elaboration of an image... fills the eyes... brings us unconsciously to the most intimately self-insightful level of intuitiveness. Pictorically similar to an enormous fresco, PARALLAX moves its characters through a dance without time and perhaps without end...." - Anna Canepa, Art Workers' Newsletter

Premiered at the New York Cultural Center's 'Women Artists as Filmmakers,' 1973. In the collection of the Lincoln Center Dance Archives.

Rental: $80.00
16mm Rental: $80.00

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