Margie Schnibbe

Newhall 91321 (1999) VHS NTSC, color, 23 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Erotic

Original format 16mm. A retro romp beyond the San Fernando Valley... Welcome to Newhall, a typical Southern California community where unspoken perversion runs rampant. Margie Schnibbe enlists an eclectic ensemble of her friends to play out a G-rated, porno-comedy. With the sex lurking off-screen, what remains are all of the schizophrenic moments in-between: the seduction, the party, the rock-n-roll, the chase and, of course, who ends up with whom at the end of the day. Starring: John Campbell, Ian Duckett, Robert Gerlach, Mark, Tom Gulager, Rich Hyatt, Amanda Jones, Sungtae Kim, Daniel Siwek. With special guest appearances by: Clu Gulager, Hadrian, the voice of William E. Jones, The Puppie Cuddles (Bill Brown, David Cho, Adam Goldman, Emily Hochman, Chris Wilcha), and The Kids of Shady Mobile Park.

Rental: $25.00
VHS NTSC Rental: $25.00

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