Paul Sharits

Color Sound Frames (Winding) (1974) 16mm, color, 22 min

Genre: Experimental

"Paul Sharits' new film COLOR SOUND FRAMES ... is a film in which Sharits sums up his researches in the area of film strip (in opposition to the individual frames). The film strips move horizontally and vertically; two strips move simultaneously in opposite directions; variations in color; action of sprocket-holes. Very methodically and scientifically he covers the area .... COLOR SOUND FRAMES advances one area of cinema or one area of researches in cinema (call it art if you wish) to a new climax, to a new peak: his exploration is so total, so perfect." -- Jonas Mekas, The Village Voice "These films allude to what happens in your head as much as to what sits up on the flat plane of the screen. Obviously, Sharits has created a need for a vocabulary of operational light terms, that is, how we experience light in overlapping planes in time, the patterns that arise out of repeating light shapes and sounds, the magic of incantation and reification known to every Shaman and ritualistic artist before there was a word 'Esthetics' or even a written language. Sharits employs modern technology to say something very deep, very profound and very beautiful." -- Leonard Horowitz, "Independent Films: Light/Environment," The Soho Weekly News Collection: Anthology Film Archives

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