Paul Sharits

Declarative Mode (1977) 16mm, color, 39 min

Genre: Experimental

Note: now single screen only. Dedicated to Gerald O'Grady. This work was made possible by a Bicentennial Grant by the N.E.A. and the N.Y. State Council on the Arts. "This film, rather than being 'structural,' is 'narrative like.' We feel as if we are on some sort of journey, where we never know/predict what is to 'happen' next. It is engaging, like a novel full of surprises. The 'narrative' feeling is like a soap opera, which just keeps twisting and turning, with no apparent resolution intended (but there _is_ a closure on the purely formal level), as opposed to say _Miami Vice_ wherein the dramatic line moves towards and achieves a weekly resolution. This work prefigures a long series of 30 min. chapters in a 'Light Novel,' PASSARE, which I am presently working on (which could finally reach 40 hours in total length before I die). Aside from a recurrent red, white and blue phrase, there is no repetition in the film (repetition conventionally provides structural order)." - P.S. "With colors, therefore, in reciprocal relationships with each other within space and over time, Sharits creates new hues not actually present upon the film through their co-temporal blending and through after-image retention. It's a a complex phenomenon that yields sublime transitions across a spectral range, while the inner frame pulses with illusionistic movement as the hues change from warm to cool." - Anthony Bannon, _Buffalo Evening News_.

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