Stewart Silinsky

Ursa Minor () 16mm, color, 2 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Films about Film, Media, Hand-processed

"The film is actually about 40 seconds long, but there are two prints of it on one reel, so you get to see it twice. URSA MINOR is a direct film which was scratched on the surface of some leader that Stu found lying on the floor of a local lab. There's nothing unusual about using pins, nails, surgical instruments, etc. on film. It's as old as Flash Gordon and as recent as Storm De Hirsch's incredible conjurings. But Stu does it fantastically: it just floats by and ends in a solar prominence. So while its not a breakthrough in technique, it's a beautiful application of it."-Wheeler Dixon

Rental: $20.00
16mm Rental: $20.00

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