Alan Sondheim

Hollywood (1981) 16mm, black and white, 70 min

Genre: Experimental

The triangulation of three women and a man, set against the psychogeographical landscape of Los Angeles-Hollywood in particular. With Jocelyne Doray and Laura Parker. This film was designed as an $800 "feature" complete with characters. Its theoretical basis is from Luce Iragaray and others concerned with the phenomenology of feminine space. Los Angeles appears laid out like the flesh of a postmodern body. Characters speak and intermix their own and other' lines, and ruptured desire flows everywhere through the work. The film is also a strange homage to Los Angeles, with shots ranging from Laurel Canyon to the Central Market, from Pasadena through Hollywood... The landscape is always vaguely catastrophic, inscribing the characters in terms of one another, but -- as in a great deal more recent work -- identity is always fluid.

Rental: $140.00
16mm Rental: $140.00

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