Casandra Stark Mele

Films vol.1 (1990) 16mm, color & b/w, 60 min

Genre: Experimental

Featuring "The Lost Films" and "We Are Not To Blame" includes: "Dead on My Arm" (1985) originally Super-8, color and b&w, 12 min. Music by This Heat. with David Wicked, Lung. In this, Stark's first film, she develops her personal iconography that will recur in later work including the use of menstrual blood, bandages and re-interpretations of Catholic rituals. "Wrecked on Cannibal island" (1986) super-8, color and b/w, 12mins. With Jack Natz Casandra and Natz pose as a couple locked in a domestic dispute documenting the futility of human relationships and the pointlessness of love. "We are not to Blame" (1989) originally Super-8, color, 20 mins. Music by Foetus. With Laura Mae Jessen, R. Kern and N. Zedd. Focuses on the relationship between two sisters and the men in their lives. "Go to Hell" music by The Swanns. co-directed and with David Rutsala and N. Zedd VHS sale price: $40 individual, $100 institutional

Rental: $40.00
16mm Rental: $40.00

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