Laura Waddington

Cargo (2001) 16mm, color, 29 min

Genre: Experimental

Directed: Laura Waddington Produced: The International Film Festival Rotterdam and De Productie, Rotterdam. Music: Simon Fisher Turner "Lost in space: Poetic and exquisitely beautiful, Laura Waddington's dream video diary records the melancholy shadow life of a container ship crew in perpetual limbo."-- New York Video Festival Film Society of Lincoln Center 2001 A woman tells the story of a journey she made on a container ship to the Middle East. Commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam for the project, 'On the Waterfront,' a series of ten digital videos shot in different ports, around the world. (Filmmakers included Jon Jost, Lou Ye, Chris Petit, Jem Cohen, Pablo Trapero ) Exhibition (Slected): The International Film Festival Rotterdam; The Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media ; The New York Video Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center ; The Regus London Film Festival ; The World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam ; The Bilbao Documentary and Short Film festival; The Durban International Film Festival, South Africa; The Graz Biennial on Media and Architecture, Austria; The Locarno Videoart Festival; 'Hors Les Murs', Festival International du Documentaire de Marseille; VIPER International Festival for Film, Video and Multimedia, Basel; Mediaterra, travelling micromuseum: (Athens, Lavrion, Sofia, Belgrade, Maribor, Frankfurt); Cineteatro San Lorenzo, Milan; Cinema de Balie, Amsterdam; The San Francisco Cinematheque; Film Forum at the Hammer Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles; Highlights of the NYVF, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Tour of the US; The Walker Art Center, Dig. it Festival, Minneapolis; ISEA 2002, International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Nagoya, Japan; La Clef, Collectif Jeune Cinema, Paris; Group exhibition Manoir au Lac, Switzerland upcoming); Laura Waddington 'In person,' Austrian Film museum, Vienna, organized by Sixpack Film (upcoming) Rental copy: Beta SP NTSC. This video is also available in original PAL version -- please contact the director

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