Dan Walworth

Earth is a Satellite of the Moon, The (1982) color, 34 min

"The film describes an eccentric trajectory across a field of signifying practises in an attempt to map out certain areas of a leftist imaginary: The Land, The Martyr, the (national ) Liberation. Patria Libre O Morir. The two main characters (Michael Smith and Perry Hoberman) take on the name. "Robert Garwood" and begin to talk about a trip they took- or are about to take to Central America. Their constant discourse, both fragmented and fluid, is interrupted by two other voices: one Spanish and one English, as well as by a crawling text whose author alternates betweens the film-maker and the four characters. This voice-track-without-a-subject is paralleled by an image track dominated by a moving camera- a sliding camera- a camera that is always turning away" D.W.

Rental: $66.00

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