Joyce Wieland

Rat Life And Diet In North America (1968) 16mm, color, 16 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Political / Social Activism

"A band of revolutionary gerbils escape their cat jailors and journey up the Hudson, where they hide out at a millionare's estate and perfect their tactics as guerilla fighters. It has some hard-to -forget, singular images:Ome, captioned 'Skag Mitchell was the first to escape' shows a grimy bare sction of floorboards with the tiny gerbil hovering against the wall. Miss Wieland is more than a diary-like recorder of domestic enthusiasms." Manny Farber "I can tell you that Wieland's film holds. It may be aobut the best (or richest) political movie around. It's all about rebels (enacted by real rats) and police (enacted by real cats). After a long suffering under the cats, the rats break out of the prison (in a full scale rebellion) and escape to Canada. There they take up organic gardening, with no DDT in the grass. It is a parable, a satire, an adventure movie, or you can call it pop art or any art you want- I find it one of the most original films made recently" Jonas Mekas

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