Lloyd Williams

Rainbow's Children (1975) 16mm, color, 24 min

Genre: Experimental

In RAINBOW'S CHILDREN, LLOYD WILLIAMS reveals the dreamer awakening; erotic displacements of dreams are transformed into the erotic realities of life itself -- although still poetically suffused with a dream like languor which the filmmaker cannot escape. The texture of flesh, the ambiguity of longing and the colors of psychedelic apotheosis all merge into a languorous ecstasy which LLOYD WILLIAMS is adept in translating into the medium of film. All the varieties of film technique: slow motion, multiple-exposure, fast motion, camera in full flight and frozen image, he uses for the revelation of his intense fantasy, whether from dreams or from real-life or from hallucinated contemplation. His work shows that the dreamer is, indeed, awakening into a whole new world of erotic fantasy, muted with desire. If hard core films shock you, the films of LLOYD WILLIAMS will caress you." -- Quote from Charles Boultenhouse, from SCREENING THE SEXES by Parker Tyler, Publisher Holt Reinhart & Winston.

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