Nick Zedd

Whoregasm (1988) 16mm, color, 20 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: erotic, queer_bi_trans

For side-by-side dual-projection, with 1/3 of both projected images overlapping in the middle. Sound on audio cassette. Cast: Nick Zedd, Susan Manson and the homeless people of New York.

Requiring two projectors, Whoregasm comes with instructions for simultaneous screenings. Seized by Montreal Customs in 1988. Initially banned by the Ontario Film Review Board and shown a year later at the Toronto Festival of Festivals where it made "Today's Best Bets" list in the Toronto Star, Whoregasm mixes images of hard-core, mechanical sex with subliminal messages and shots of ugly policemen. "Powerful and provocative, it neatly packages Zedd's vision of a cinema of transgression into a taboo-smashing explosion." -- Festival of Festivals, Toronto.

Rental: $90.00
16mm Rental: $90.00

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