James Fotopoulos

Zero (1997) 16mm, color, 142 min

Genre: Experimental

James Fotopoulos' deeply disturbing experimental film paints a grim portrait of the psychological collapse of a young man drifting further and further into total isolation. In his solitude, primal fantasies of sex and violence transform into frightening visions and insanity, while a cyst growing on his arm suggests a physical manifestation of his mental breakdown. A shocking debut feature. "Grisly, abrasive and one of the few truly underground features we've seen in a good while, ZERO plays like a Brakhage/Morrisey directorial collaboration on a screenplay by Pasolini. A profoundly disturbing study in abjection and squalor, ZERO offers its own version of redemption. It's not to be missed" -- Robert Beck Memorial Cinema

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16mm Rental: $200.00

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