James Fotopoulos

The Ant Hill (2004) 16mm, color, 60 min

Genre: Experimental

"I was in the forest walking and thinking. And as I was coming upon the stream - all the sounds around me, the water running and the birds became very loud. It became very intense. I thought my head was going to explode. Then it all faded away and I was in complete silence. I smelled something burning and the sunlight was so bright in my eyes. I was surrounded by bright light. I looked up and saw the tops of the trees were on fire. Two large pillars of light stood before me. The pillars were made up of round balls of light. Red, blue, orange. And standing between them was a man. I couldn't see his face. I was afraid. He told me that I was the chosen by him to do his work. That you all are my students. That I am here to help you. And when the world ends, we will be saved." - from THE ANT HILL "A merciless narrative about the inner world of a nameless cult, The Ant Hill continues James Fotopoulos' recent foray away from film and into the possibilities of video. The results prove more materially degraded than even his best-known feature, Migrating Forms. As with all of his work, each low-grade esthetic decision feels utterly, pointedly intentional. The actions of a tiny band of devotees, led by a single, lurchingly unpredictable patriarch, take on the sparse structure of a Biblical parable. Extended sequences of colorfield-like image-layering recall the electronic longueurs of early video art. Fotopoulos shoots his actors in a single bare set, with a grimy immediacy that feels almost self-reflexive: the viewer inevitably comes to question how the filmmaker was able to compel such total trust and obedience from his actors, given the extremity of the acts they have been asked to perform." -- Ed Halter, New York Underground Film Festival

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