Saul Levine

xDream 2000 (2000) VHS NTSC, color, 45 min

Genre: Experimental

A compilation: DARK LIGHT video 10 min Documentation of an installation of images transferred on to light bulbs that was shot by Joe Gibbons and edited by Saul Levine. Light bulbs and installation by Saul Levine. KIBBITZER video 15 min KIBBITZER is a single shot of my father Julius Levine playing scrabble in his kitchen with a health aide Barbara Burbridge. My aunt Belle Cohen andI appear from time to time. YOREN 2000, video, 6 min, in Yiddish and English, no subtitles YOREN is a short Yiddish bitter sweet musical comedy starring my father Julius Levine and my aunt Francis (Fagel) Cohen. WHOLE NOTE 2000, super-8 to video, b/w, silent, 11 min It is mainly a portrait of my father Julius Levine in the last days of hislife. My aunts Francis and Belle Cohen also appear. "Nothing is as whole as a broken heart" (a Hasidic saying). Purchase Price: 20.00 Individual / 85.00 Institutional

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