Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe

How Strong The Children (1998) 3/4" NTSC, DVD NTSC, VHS NTSC, Mini DV NTSC, color, 28 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Children & Youth, Family, Personal / Diary / Journal

A personal documentary video in which the relationship of a mother with her two young daughters is examined -- finding the terrain chaotic and hardly conforming to prior expectations. Weaving in and out through multi-linear and noisy layers, the mother interviews the daughters, one daughter interviews the mother, the daughters play together, the mother reprimands the daughters, they have breakfast and get ready for school and work together, the mother reads a poem, the daughters read a fairy story, nuclear reactors seem to be a part of it, Amelia Earhart makes appearances, texts refer to the musings of the mother. All these elements pile on top of one another in apparent chaos. But some ideas emerge, and one could leave without feeling uncomfortable about the chaos. The children, at least, are strong.

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