Anna Fahr

Khaneh Ma: These places we call home (2006) DVD NTSC, color, 90 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Ethnic / Multicultural, Family

Khaneh Ma: These Places We Call Home examines questions of cultural identity by prsenting three generations of Iranians divided on three continents, and reunited on one journey. The film begans with the director's return to Iran, her country of cultural origin, where she becomes reacquainted with family she has not seen in over ten years, and rediscovers a culture that has remained a quiet yet ever-present part of her life in Canada. As the journey unfolds, we uncover rarely seen aspects of Iranian culture, as experienced by the director, while witnessing firsthand the process of leaving an old culture behind and the journey into a new one.

DVD NTSC Rental: $50.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $75.00

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