Carolee Schneemann

Fuses- Newly Restored Version with Added Footage (1967) 16mm, , 30 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, erotic

New restoration of the original 16mm collaged print - May 2007. Part of "Autobiographical Trilogy". Filming begun in 1964. This self- shot erotic film remains a controversial classic. With awards at Cannes (1968), the Yale Film Festival (1992) and showings at museums and Universities internationally, Fuses has nevertheless encountered censorship over the years. "[A]notorious masterpiece, a silent celebration in color of heterosexual love making, the film unifies erotic energies within a domestic environment through cutting, super- imposition and layering of abstract impressions scratched into the celluloid itself... Fuses succeeds perhaps more than any other film in objectifying the sexual streamings of the body's mind" - The Guardian

Rental: $$95.00
16mm Rental: $$95.00

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