Peggy Ahwesh

Deadman, The (1989) 16mm, black and white, 40 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Erotic, Literary & Theatre

"THE DEADMAN charts the adventures of a nearly naked heroine who leaves the corpse of her dead lover in a country house, goes to a bar and sets in motion a scabrous free-form orgy before returning to her house to die. The film manages to approximate the transgressive poetic prose of Bataille (a mixture of elegance, raunchy defilement and barbaric splendor) while celebrating female sexual desire without the usual patriarchal-porn trimmings." -- Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader Made with Keith Sanborn. Featuring performances by Jennifer Montgomery, Roman Quanta la Gusta, Scott Shat, Diane Torr and Leslie Singer.

Rental: $160.00
16mm Rental: $160.00

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