Chuck Workman

A House on a Hill (2003) DVD NTSC, Color, 87 min

Genre: Narrative

Keywords: Psychology & Mental Health

The story of a retired architect who returns to the struggles and triumphs of his art. Starring Philip Baker Hall, Laura San Giacomo, Shirley Knight and Henry Rollins. Called "the most sagacious cinematic dancing ever done about architecture" by the Washington Post. From the review by Matt Zoller Seitz: "the most artistically adventurous drama in theaters right now, thanks mainly to writer-director Workman's unusual attempts to slice up cinematic space like an architectural draftsman mentally rebuilding a structure that is already finished. Workman deploys a dizzying array of devices that somehow comment on the drama without disrupting it, from split-screen effects to irises to extreme horizontal and vertical mattes....It never fails to dazzle, often through inventive visuals that would be the centerpiece of other movies but are throwaways here. Few contemporary directors have such a keen sense of rhythm, or such an apparently instinctive ability to judge a shot both for dramatic context and inherent visual power. He's one of the most influential film editors of the past 50 years."

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