Dustin Thompson

The Travelogues (2010) DVD NTSC, digiBeta NTSC, miniDV NTSC, Color, 49 min

Genre: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, Installation

Keywords: Art & Artists, Dance, Environement & Nature, Films About Film, Found Footage, Hand Processed, Landscape & Architecture, Literary & Theatre, Personal Diary & Journal, Structural

"One of the most incredible movies at Tribeca [2010] is, at 49 minutes in length, probably the least commercial: Dustin Thompson's avant-garde documentary [The] Travelogues ... He is a democratic tourist: a lover, an Italian cathedral, and surfers in a Munich river carry equal narrative weight. The mini-narratives, however, are distinguished between differing angles and speeds; form sets them apart. This is fantastic stuff, a festival film that makes you feel that life in worth living, and Tribeca worth attending." -Howard Feinstein, Filmmaker Magazine Also available on Blue Ray Disc and HDCAM.

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DVD NTSC Rental: $100.00
DigiBeta NTSC Rental: $100.00
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