Lynne Sachs

Lynne Sachs: 10 Short Films Vol.3 (1986-2007) DVD NTSC, color, 62 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: family

"XY Chromosome Project"- 12 min (2007) "The Small Ones"- 3 min (2006) "Noa, Noa"- (2006) "Atalanta 32 Years Later"- 5 min (2006) "Tornado"- 4 min (2002) "Photograph of Wind"- 4 min (2006) "Window Work"- 9 min (2000) "Following the Object to Its Logical Beginning"- 9 min (1987)"Still Life With Woman and Four Ojects"- 4 min (1986) "Drawn and Quarted"- 4 min (1987) "Lynne Sachs is best known for her spirited and lyrical essay films- films defined by a unwavering woman's inflection and a commitment to pry the cracks in official history. However, throughout Sach's career, we've been treated to a succession of short experimental works that tease out the details of the everyday with the same clarity of vision and instinct for the hand-nurtured image as her much-lauded lengthier works. These films and videotapes, whether they be mystified glimpses of childhood, reinventions of the films past, or formal excursions into the poetic, surrender the wonder of a world seen by an artist with a soulful eye and a conscientious hear."- Steve Seid, Film-Video Curator, Pacific Film Archive

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