Jerry Tartaglia

See For Yourself (1995) 16mm, color, 17 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: biography, body, personal /diary / journal, queer / bi / trans

The 17 minute film is an intimate document of a person as he dying from an infection associated with HIV. It has been edited to create the illusion that the viewer is looking at camera "rushes" or unedited "dailies" of a movie. This editorial choice affords the viewers an unencumbered emotional response to what they are seeing on the screen. See For Yourself is a silent film, shot largely in the San Francisco Bay Area in the Autumn of 1993. This film's subject is the filmmaker's friend, David Kline, who requested that this film be made in order for "people to see for themselves what A.I.D.S. look like." David Kline died in September 1993. Berlin International Film Festival Official Selection, 1996.

Rental: $100.00
16mm Rental: $100.00

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