Carl Michael George

Lost 40 Days (1986) 16mm, 50.00, color, min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: history

Lost 40 Days is a lightly structured evocation of a desert fantasy formed as a series of vignettes inspired by the ancient Celtic calendar alphabet, The Song of Amergin. The sections of this film come together to form a diverse collection of images inkling “The Queen of Every Hive, The City of Gold, The Six Armed Shiva, A Night of Horrifying Dreams”, etc. They are linked together by an eclectic score of exotic and soulful music. CAST: Kembra Pfahler, Samoa, Valery Carris, Philli PRODUCTION: George, Carl Michael/ Lowe, Leslie/ Pfahler, Kembra/ Schmidlapp, David/ Waters, Jack / Eros, Bradley / Kurtti, Gordon Stokes

Rental: $50.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $50.00

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