Serge Bard

Fun and Games for Everyone (1968) DVD PAL, BW, 54 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Fun and Games (for Everyone): a pitch black and milky white film shot during one of Olivier Mosset's exhibition openings. A psychedelic game of improvisation joins the Zanzibar group with Salvador Dali, Barbet Schroeder and Jean Mascolo... the solarized image reminiscent of thick strokes of a paintbrush. - PHILIPPE AZOURY Bard, in this second film, again leaves the field open to an incessant coming and going of Parisians attending the opening of the minimalist painter Olivier Mosset and whose exhibition consisted of 10 paintings, all alike: white with black circles painted in their center. It's the revolution criticizing art and painting... and Serge criticizing cinema! - JACKIE RAYNAL (On Fun and Games) Light can become volumeless graphic expression and dehumanize the actors until their faces are absorbed erasing all detail and creating an attractive environment. - HENRI ALEKAN

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