Maya Deren

Dance Films (1945-1955) DVD PAL, B/W, 47 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, dance

A STUDY IN CHOREOGRAPHY FOR THE CAMERA 1945, silent, b/w, 2 min 30 sec Choreography and dance: Talley Beatty. RITUAL IN TRANSFIGURED TIME 1945-46, silent, b/w, 16 min With Deren, Rita Christiani, Frank Westbrook, Anais Nin. MEDITATION ON VIOLENCE 1948, b/w, 13 min With Ch'ao Li Chi. Chinese flute and Haitian drum arr. Maya Deren. THE VERY EYE OF NIGHT 1952-55, b/w, 15 min Choreography: Anthony Tudor. With students of Metropolitan Opera Ballet School. Music by Teiji Ito.

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