Berthold Bartosch

The Idea (1930-1932) DVD PAL, B/W, 30 min

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Originally 35mm, 1930-32, 30 minutes. Based on woodcuts by Frans Masereel. Music by Arthur Honegger. "(...) Bartosch showed that animation could be POETIC... It was Bartosch who first dared to give animation the dimension of a great art, trusting it to vopice his pain, to lay bare his heart, to tell of his hope for a better future - which he never saw." Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker, 1969 Bartosch's only surviving film was made single-handley in Paris in 1932. Almost 45,000 frames were animated on four different levels simultaneously, often with as many as 18 superimpositions made in the camera.

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