Gregg Biermann

High Noon Reflections (2009) DVD NTSC, BW, 12 min

Genre: Experimental, Installation

Keywords: Film About Film, Found Footage, Muisic

In this piece simple patterns intervene and the original material (an iconic passage from the classic film High Noon) is transformed by them. Each shot from the original material is repeated five times and this sequence is broken up into a four part split screen, with each part of the mosaic two and one half seconds ahead of the next. The images also reflect across their horizontal and vertical axes in a regular pattern. The result is a gradual yet propulsive, shifting, and hypnotic transformation of the original sequence.

DVD NTSC Rental: $40 DVD or Blu-Ray Institutional

DVD NTSC Sale: $30 DVD or Blu-Ray Individual $60 DVD or Blu-Ray Institutional

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